53 Tons of Bali Mangosteen Exported to China

Fri, 27 January 2023 17:17

Exports of mangosteen from Bali to China have increased again after two years of being slumped due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

A total of 53.7 tons of this fruit were sent to China last December.

"December (2022) is the beginning of the return to the existence of fruit on the international market, especially to China," said the Head of the Denpasar Class I Agricultural Quarantine Center I Putu Terunanegara, Monday (2/1/2023).

He said specifically for the mangosteen fruit, the Denpasar Quarantine officials had inspected the 53.7 tons of mangosteen with an export value of IDR 3.3 billion.

The commodity has been cleaned and packed in a mangosteen packinghouse registered by the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC).

"Inspection of the mangosteen includes pests targeting the destination country in accordance with the mangosteen export protocol to China as well as the traceability of the mangosteen commodity," he added.

After it is declared clean and healthy and no pests are found, a phytosanitary certificate is issued in accordance with the provisions in the mangosteen export protocol to China. (*)