Batu City Agricultural Products Exported to Taiwan

Sat, 17 July 2021 14:19

The dream of Batu City farmers to export their agricultural products abroad has finally come true. He is the son of the area from Bulukerto Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City named H. Rudi.

Monday (28/6/2021), as many as 26 tons of lettuce, mustard and sweet cabbage which are agricultural products of the residents of Batu, Pujon, Tengger, Tulungagung and Jember cities can be exported to Taiwan.

It is known that the export is the first for Batu City farmers.

“This is the first shipment of vegetable farming products from farmers in Batu City and several other areas. This can be an encouragement for farmers when agriculture is sluggish in Batu City due to the Covid-19 pandemic," said H. Rudi, Friday (16/7/2021).

"For this year, we are targeting 700 shipping containers or two to three shipments per week," he explained.

In his first shipment, there were 1550 cartons of cabbage or cabbage, 1240 cartons of lettuce lettuce and 1550 cartons of mustard greens with an average weight of 12 kg for each carton or sack.

“We partner with farmers to meet overseas demand. We even dare to buy with double the value for prosperity. For example, the price of vegetables in the market is Rp. 700, so I will buy Rp. 2000, but with specifications that must be adjusted,” he added. (*)