South Sulawesi Fishery Products Exported to 50 Countries

Tue, 23 February 2021 11:08

South Sulawesi fishery commodities are exported to 50 countries. In 2020, the export value will reach IDR 5.47 trillion.

This year, the export volume is predicted to be much larger. Even in 2021, the export target will increase, reaching 177.191 tons. Last year, 158 thousand tons of exports were realized. Dominated by seaweed and shrimp commodities.

Acting Head of the South Sulawesi Marine and Fisheries Service, Hary Rustam Tawainella, said that fishery commodities continue to be excellent. The target is to catch up with the export volume in the mining sector.

The export target for the South Sulawesi fisheries sector in 2021 is 177,191.4 tons. This is in line with the pretty good export achievement in January 2021.

The Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of South Sulawesi recorded that in January 2021, South Sulawesi's fishery exports reached 8,562.21 tons. This figure is much higher than the export in January 2020 which was only 5,929.5 tons.

"We are targeting to increase. Because the trend is also increasing, ”said Hary as quoted by Fajar Daily (Fajar Indonesia Network Group), Sunday, February 21.

Hary said, South Sulawesi's exports would still be dominated by superior commodities such as seaweed, tuna, skipjack, tuna, octopus and shrimp.

Previously, Sitti Chadidjah, Head of the Fish Quarantine Center for Quality Control and Safety of Fishery Products in Makassar, said that throughout 2020 fishery commodity exports in South Sumatra were exported to 50 countries. Total exports amounted to more than 158,050 tonnes with a value of Rp5.47 trillion.

South Sulawesi's five largest export destinations include China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

"We will continue to open export taps to stimulate the economy," he explained. (tam)


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