Snake Skins from Bali Exported to Turkey

Tue, 12 January 2021 17:13

Snakes are actually capable of contributing to the country's foreign exchange because they have a fantastic selling value as luxury items such as jackets, bags or shoes made from snake skin.

Denpasar Agricultural Quarantine exports animal-based materials in the form of snake skins with a volume of 1,200 sheets (525 kg) with a nominal value of around IDR 891 million.

Prior to traffic, quarantine officials on duty in the working area of Ngurah Rai Airport inspect snake skins to be exported to Turkey, on Friday (8/1/2021).

This inspection is to ensure the completeness of administration and the appropriateness of the snake skin packaging so that the quality is guaranteed to reach the destination country.

Health and quality assurance are the top priorities for sustainable exports going forward. (*)

Source: bkp1denpasar.karantina.pertanian.go.i