Buyer Guides

Welcome to Indonesia Access. We are pleased to bring you a large variety of curated 100% Indonesian products; from typical Indonesian food items, to Indonesian ready to wear and home & living products made by Indonesian artisans.

Before you begin exploring Indonesia Access, please take note of the following procedures :

1. Registration & Log in

To enjoy all services in Indonesia Access and to place your order as a buyer, you need to register:

A. Click Login/Register button, then enter your email address and fill in your company information.

B. Read the Terms And Conditions before you submit your registration.

C. Check your email for email confirmation, and once you confirm it, you will become our registered buyer.

2. Search Products

You can search by entering the keywords of a product in the Search Bar. Then choose from the product list and click the product of your choice for the details.

3. Start Product Negotiation

The shown price in the product store display is only the average estimation price, not a fixed price. After selecting a product you can send a message to the Seller to negotiate the best price. Please make sure you state the the quantity you require and the certification needed in your country during your negotiations.

4.Order Your Product

After obtaining your best price, you must go back to the product screen and click the Start Order button. You can see the price summary, then continue the purchase by clicking the Proceed Pre Order before you fill in and submit the Pre Order Form. Put your best price in the Pre Order Form along with the preferred logistic service to get the total quotation. Indonesia Access will follow up on your Pre Order Form and provide you the logistic price quotation together with your product best price. You will get the link from your account notification to see the quotation. If you agree with the quotation, you can click Submit PO. Once you submit the PO, please do your chosen payment, Method term LC or Advance Payment. Indonesia Access will follow up on your PO request and the payment.

5. Check Your Order Status

You will get the status of your Order submitted, PO, the Payment, and Shipment. Please check your order tracking regularly to have an updated status or contact us if you need more detailed information.

Important to Know

You have to know your country’s import regulations before you start importing products from Indonesia. You also need to know the certifications needed for the products before they enter your country (for example; Certificate Of Original, Inspection, Health Certification, etc.). Please visit our Important To Know page by clicking the Country Regulation button.